dawsonscreek.info was a tumblr blog where i circulated my work during 2010-2015. I made a lot of images that were only meant for the tumblr, quick ideas rendered out in 15 minutes and uploaded without a second thought. the blog was there to compensate for lack of expensive physical studio space and lack of discussion around the work. i wanted tumblr to be a forum for that.

dawsonscreek.info documented my clumsy forays into writing, first stabs at personal-essay-as-art-criticism. looking back a lot of the texts seem bitter and off, but that was the spirit of the time.

lately i've noticed that i don't really update anymore, i don't look forward to updating, i don't feel like i'm a part of a community in the same way as i did in the begining. i don't want dawsonscreek.info to exist in its original form if it's not being updated, so i decided to take it down and put up this memorial page.

if you're curious about the blog, most of the writing on it was collected into a book: Scorched Earth, published by Arcadia Missa in 2015 (second edition coming in 2016). i also posted some of the writing on medium. there is also a memorial pdf of the images I liked the most from all the years of the blog, downloadable here --> dawsonscreek.pdf (32mb).

Jaakko Pallasvuo

p.s. if you still want to follow me somewhere, maybe instagram